Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tropicana Dreams

This morning before dashing off to work I took this happy little snap of one of the rosebushes I bought in Luling that were supposedly Knockouts. Neither the leaf nor the bloom color look like the standard KR. The KR website lists a variety called Rainbow Knock Out Rose that “covers itself with coral pink blooms painted with rich yellow at the base.” Maybe that’s what these are. They’re throwing off buds and blooms like crazy and seem to be immune to the blackspot that’s rampant with this on/off hot humid weather.

I’m in the process of digging up my side yard for a new bed that sits along my patio. A coral-based showcase might be interesting: The Rainbow Knockouts, flame acanthus, a hot pink and orange canna or two, some tangerine impatiens along the border, old reliable pavonia, that orangey zinnia. Oh, and some four-o’clocks, the mutant ones that have yellow streaked with cerise.Some giant purple/green leafy things mixed in, banana, ginger or something.


Anonymous said...

Your rose is bright and pretty. Can't wait to see how the new bed turns out.

Dawn said...

Oh, I do love that color of rose. Single roses always seem so romantic to me. Good luck with your new side yard project. :-)

Unknown said...

I think it's a Rainbow Knockout. I have the Double Knockout, Pink Knockout, and the Rainbow Knockout, and the Rainbow definitely has a much lighter leaf color. I just got it this fall, so it's too soon to say how its performance compares to the other Knockouts. :)

I'm enjoying your blog and pictures. I just found you via Pam @ Digging.