Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shock The Monkey?

There’s a 20’ x 10’ strip where the grass is completely dead in my front yard between sidewalk and driveway. I don’t want to replace with new turf. It’s in total shade under a mammoth liveoak. So I’m thinking maybe large pavers with monkey grass in the spaces. I think this is something I could pull off, if not totally by myself, with some labor assistance. I’ve found a mail-order resource that sells mini-mondo for $.25 a sprig. I regret not bringing The Monkey with me from my last house—it was everywhere. And being a cheapskate, I hate to buy it, when it grows almost like a nuisance in many Austin yards. If you want any of your MG cleaned out let me know.
My only concern is having too many different surfaces: concrete sidewalk, pavers, pea gravel drive. Perhaps I should demo the sidewalk and go total pavers?

I'll pray for your plants, if you'll pray for mine.

Really? In this wind? I don't think so.