Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Remembering Gus

Pam at Digging was kind enough to point out that my Comments function had disappeared. It made me realize how fragile this electronic blog was; dependent upon my nonexistent html skills and haphazard blogspot support. I turned back to my hardcopy journal wherein I paste plant sticks, sketch plans, and add random notes of freezes, drought, personal data. I still keep this notebook, which is messy, dirt-stained, and something you can hold on to.
Here’s a page showing a sketch of Gus, our golden, who was put down in July. I called him my gardening buddy, as he would insist on accompanying me in my toil, doing his dutiful fenceline perimeter checks, snuffling among the esperanza and pavonia, getting myriad wild carrot burrs stuck on his fur. No blog could possibly hold the magic of Gus, but this drawing comes as close as I’ll get. He was like my journal, a muddy and steadfast companion in the garden. Many will miss him.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your comments are back on. I thought you'd done it on purpose. Half the fun of reading a blog is feeling like you are in conversation with the writer. I read very few sites anymore that don't encourage a dialog.

Now I'll have to go and change my listing for you in my sidebar.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens

Anonymous said...

I, too, had a Golden named Gus who was my gardening companion! He died in mid-June and, of course, I miss him so much. Gus was an integral part of my home-based pre-school program and I've just completed a gardening curriculum book called 'Gardening with Gus'. It sounds like we both were very lucky to have a 'Gus' in our lives.
Thanks for your blog.
Santa Cruz, CA.