Thursday, December 27, 2007

God’s Own Leaf Blower

Can’t remember a winter with more bouts of howling winds. I’ve no sooner raked up the leaves in the street gutter and dumped them on the compost, when the entire contents of a neighbor’s red oak or sycamore tree has been blown onto my curb again.
Not complaining, mind you. More leaves for mulching, etc. Plus, daughter Grace, home on holidays from Providence, RI, showed me the pix she took right before leaving. A very scenic whiteout blizzard covering every house, hill, and dale. Very pretty, as long as you don’t have to drive, dig out, run errands, etc.
Today I cut back the cannas, which had finally got a bit froststruck. The front yard, which is sheltered and southerly, seems still fairly unscathed with the Blue Daze intact. Everything in the new front bed looks pretty tatty except for the Iceberg roses. I probably should just cut everything back severely, but I’m waiting for a hard freeze to force my hand on this.
The only other gardening news is the appearance of Sleeping Princesses in the backyard on the afternoon of Christmas Day. These rare bulbs are a delightful addition to any garden and do best in a patch of lawn where there's sunlight and mild temps.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been enjoying this windy weather either. Not only does it make it seem much colder than the thermometer promises me that it is, it's not good weather for transplanting small seedlings which is what I'm doing this time of year. At least the leaves are almost finished falling; only the oaks to go.

My cannas snuffed it over this last weekend finally. Now it will be easier to dig them up and move them to a better location.

Anonymous said...


Is Grace in school in RI or living here? I am only an email away if she needs anything! Glad we have another connection besides gardening!