Sunday, August 17, 2008

O Happy Day

87 degrees out. Practically a cold front. I've been piling decaying leaves in giant piles on all my baby shrubs (with the terrifying words of Scott Ogden echoing in my mind, "gardeners on calcareous soil must always bear in mind the admonition: to watch and do nothing to cover exposed bare earth constitutes an unforgivable sin." The problem with this unforgivable sin thing is that the application of humus is an ongoing backbreaking process with the giant sucking maw of our limey soil bellowing FEED ME on a nonstop basis. There is no way I can keep up with clothing my naked dirt.

Okay, this was going to be a happy post. A real cause for joy has been the blossoming of the Port St. John Creeper. This fluffy pink bloomer tumbles all over the back garden gate providing a welcome bouquet when I arrive home. Also just in time for the anniversary of Elvis's death (January 8, 1935–August 16, 1977), I deployed the head I got in San Antonio at this crazy plaster import store that sells cornices, Florentine friezes, and all manner of decorative plinths, pedestals, and faux ruins. I always thought Elvis looked just like Apollo.


Annie in Austin said...

The Elvis head is pretty cool, Aurora. I hope he gets rained neighborhood is still in the not-wet triangle.

MSS of Zanthan Gardens also grows that Podranea ricasoliana and I get the impression it can eat your garden if you're not careful.. Maybe you could use it with the Elvis/Apollo, a banana tree and a peanut plant, and have yourself a theme garden, Libby.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Love the Elvis head! As a recent recipient of a head, I know how weird it feels to get one, but I just love mine. (It makes talking to myself seem ok, since Artemis (Named by Annie of the previous post!) is out there, too!

Diana said...

I love the Elvis head. (I think blogger lost my post, if it doubles up -so sorry!) Makes me feel ok talking to myself in the garden cuz I feel like I am talking to someone when I am around my head, which Annie named Artemis. Enjoy Elvis' company!

My Mother's Garden said...

I like the Elvis head too! What a precious cottage and garden you have! I make ceramic garden goddesses for the garden that were originally inspired classic heads like your Elvis one. I think having heads in the garden are like having blessings in the garden, someone to grace it when you are absent :) They add beauty and mystery.
Enjoy today~
Karrita ~ zone 10 gardener