Saturday, August 23, 2008

Consider the lilies...

Zephyranthes candida

That's the extent of today's bible quote. Let's turn instead to the modern poet, Sam Beam of Iron & Wine instead.

All the more a pair of underwater pearls
Than the oak tree and its resurrection fern
Underwater pearls. Resurrection. All these things come to mind when beholding the overnight appearance of rain lilies, one of the garden's most welcome miracles.
And all from a mere 1/8 inch in the rain gauge.


Lori said...

Pretty! I discovered today that someone near my neighborhood underplanted their lawn with rain lilies and they were in full bloom after this week's rain. It's too bad I didn't have my camera-- it was charming!

Diana said...

I noticed them growing wild all along the roadside this weekend. You got a lovely photo.