Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hail Mary

We just had an insane hailstorm. I was gathering up some marble size chunks on the deck for a photo op when all of sudden bricks started landing on the roof. The noise set off car alarms. This is our second hailstorm in two weeks; though the first was pea-sized and did no damage.

I went out and took pictures and my neighbor was snapping some with his cellphone. His truck got hit. He kindly brought over a ziplock bag full of evidence in case I need it. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone had experience with this? Should I have roofer come and inspect?
I watched in horror as a meteorite smashed down on one of my potted petunias and decapitated it. The cosmos appear also to be pretty much obliterated. My car thankfully was in the garage.


Anonymous said...

We arrived home from north Austin just after the hailstorm ended and found golf-ball sized hail in the garden. The plants all look fine, but some cars on the street were dented up.

herself said...

Wow that's big hail!

We've been lucky so far. I've yet to see hail larger than a marble here or back in New England.

Lori said...

Wow. That is some huge hail. I put the car in the garage, but all we got was about ten minutes of rain. My friends just north of 290 got the huge storm and pouring rain instead.

Anonymous said...

I wish you good luck with those tomatoes - I am curious - how are they doing?. Mine are a complete diaster this year - I posted a picture of them in all of their suffering glory.