Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bloom Day


Iceberg Rose

Rainbow Knockout


Pink Indigo

Red Knockout

Pavonia, under double siege from the dreaded bindweed and powdery mildew

White Plumbago

Blue Daze Evolvulus, which wintered over. And oddly, the color of its foliage, previously a gray green, has now turned yellow-green. I've fed it but still it looks chlorotic. But it's growing and seems lively.

Confederate Jasmine

Shrimp Plant

Common Sunflower, the kind that grows in ditches

Finally, the fuschia plant which I thought I would surely kill, is blooming like crazy. It wants to be watered EVERY day or it wilts.

The pink caps peel back to reveal a crumple of gorgeous purple.
If Oscar de la Renta were to design a line of polyester ballgowns for K-Mart, they would look like this flower.


Anonymous said...

Those fuschias are amazing; they're like bat-faced cuphea, but even more gaudy. I love the form of them, and I adore your... analogy? metaphor? I hope Oscar de la Renta never does design a line of polyester ballgowns for K-Mart, but if he ever does, you're right, they'll look exactly like this!

Annie in Austin said...

My goodness, that's one big, beautiful fuchsia - and not polyester one bit! Since when are bat-faced cuphea gaudy!

Just to show there's some restraint in my nature I like the Iceberg rose, too. Will it keep blooming in the heat?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

[Kiwi ... if you want to make this post appear in the right order, and have it dated May 15th, I think you can go back to edit posts, call this post up and then fix the date and time in the drop down menu at bottom called Post Options. Then republish.]

Libby at Aurora Primavera said...

Annie: I'll let you know whether heat takes toll on icebergs. Thanks for the blog mechanic tips!

Diana said...

Wow. That fuchsia must just make you smile every single day. Isn't it amazing what a little plant can do for you? Your garden is full of beautiful blooms - thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Great colors in your garden, especially starting with the cosmos.

Lee17 said...

Omigosh! That Fuchsia is AMAZING! I am so jealous. And yes, they do love the water, don't they?

Anonymous said...

the fuschia plant is gorgeous!

Cindy, MCOK said...

Wow, the fuchsia is some kind of glorious! Congrats on keeping it not only alive, but thriving. I'd love to try one in my courtyard but I know myself too well ... I'd forget to water it. Plus I'm on a sworn effort to reduce the number of container planting. But still ...

MRhé said...

Hi Kiwi,

A pleasure meeting you last weekend! I hope you and the other ladies had a nice time in Boston. Good luck with all the flora!

Take care,


A. Brown said...

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Thank you!

Rock rose said...

Your fuschia must be the envy of all gardeners in Austin. It is the first one I have seen growing here and it is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Zanthan and see that you're in North Loop! I'd love to meet up and chat about plants sometime - I live on Nelray, near Link.

Cheers, Lindsey

Libby at Aurora Primavera said...

Hi, Lindsey
Your email was returned--is this right addie?

Anonymous said...

Love this: If Oscar de la Renta were to design a line of polyester ballgowns for K-Mart, they would look like this flower.

Still haven't gone to sleep yet!!