Saturday, November 3, 2007

Battle Plan

Now that fall planting season is almost over, I've finally got my act together on the front bed. I have a worker coming to dig the new bed and install limestone drystack edging on Tuesday (or so he says).

The picture shows the front yard with white line delineating the flower bed; it looks lumpier in the picture. In reality it's a nice undulating curve that roughly follows the current chinchbug lawn decimation. My technique is to lay a garden hose on the ground and shape it into the pattern I want, then spray paint directly onto the grass.

Here's a before picture of the house; maybe be next weekend I can actually start some planting.

Also let's just take a moment to savor the relentless joy that Blue Daze (Evolvulus Glomeratus) has brought to the front flower bed. The rare flower that is truly blue, this plant is just about perfect: thrives in heat, blooms non-stop, has perky and pretty gray-green foliage. And it is supposedly evergreen and can survive light frosts. We'll see.

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