Sunday, November 16, 2008

What freeze?

After seeing the magnificent Pindo Palm at Peckerwood Garden last week, I came back determined to plant one at Aurora. Shoalcreek Nursery had some really healthy looking specimens, so doing my part to keep the economy from sinking I sank my own $40 into this plant last weekend. It took me a week to mull over where it might best be situated. This spot gets full blast-furnace sun during midday, and filtered sun the remainder. I put it in a bed of decomposed granite to keep its little feet dry and happy. Supposedly they are very slow growing, but its graceful arching form is already quite lovely to look at. I think the Peckerwood one was 10 years old; it was around 15 ft. and had its own little microclimate under its canopy.

Here's my dear Charles, who braved the terrible non-freeze just fine. Isn't he handsome? I'm devising a lean-to plastic-sheeting tent against the fence to see if I can keep him alive over the winter; possible using a shop light for warmth.


ConsciousGardener said...

Charles is adorable, I planted one this fall and he weathered the faux-frost as well! BTW, tried the Thai place...fab! Thanks:)

Clare said...

hullo! you may want to try a ceramic bulb heat lamp (like those used to heat reptile cages). the bf, who worked at an auto shop, said they get fairly hot and could be a fire hazard. we owned snakes for a while and these were the best for consistent heat with less hazard. hardware shops should sell a similar sort of product.

Diana said...

I'm so glad to see you got yourself a Pindo. I know how taken you were with them on our excursion. It looks quite lovely there - like that spot was made for it. And Charles is lovely. I have a Brug, my first, and am about to pot it for the winter. It's in too much hot sun. But little beetles may eat it before I get to it - they are all over it this week.