Saturday, November 1, 2008

Estamos en una sequía

Sounds prettier in Spanish does’t it?
Well, this about says it all, in whatever language. It was a year ago at the end of October when I planted the front bed. And now looking back, I can see we were already in the beginning of this drought.
Whatevs. Like a bad economy, the weather is something out of our control and history tells us, it’ll swing around at some point.
On the plus side, there are TWENTY SEVEN buds on Charles Grimaldi and the milder temps mean that the roses are back in business.
If you haven’t voted or are still, inexplicably, undecided, please e-mail me and I’ll personally drive you to the polls and buy you a black & tan at Flying Saucer. Seriously.


Diana said...

Ok - I have a Brugmansia that I put in the wrong place -- too much hot sun. But, it has buds on it and I am just waiting for the first one to open. I have a German Double pink ... I feel like a kid waiting to open a present! So, what would you recommend to move it? I could overwinter it in the greenhouse in a pot and then put it in some dappled shade. Does that make sense?

Lori said...

I seriously don't understand how anyone can be undecided in this election. I just don't.

Anyway, on the flower front, it looks like Mr. Charles Grimaldi is just as thrilled with fall as we are. I just wish there was a flower blog scent-o-meter so we could all enjoy the fragrance. :)