Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Plants R Us

This photo comes from the Sunshine Gardens site. The woman in the center of the picture is not me, but it could be. Surrounded by a plethora of choices, her entire vision consumed with baby plants bristling with ID sticks that scream for her attention, this woman pauses, stunned by indecision and no doubt ruminating on past tomato crop failures and crushed dreams of seasonal color. . . yes, that could be me. And yet, like her, I return to the scene of the crime, hoping that this year, perhaps rain and sun and luck will conspire to work kindly upon my garden efforts.
So, fellow gardeners, mark your calendars:
Sunshine Community Gardens Spring Plant Sale
March 1, 9 - 2pm

Here's a map


Diana said...

O-boy oboy oboy! Another plant sale to add to the Zilker Garden Fest and the Wildflower sales! How exciting. I've put it on my calendar -- maybe I'll see you there!

Annie in Austin said...

I'll mark my calender, too, Kiwi - we try to get there every year and hit the Zilker Fest, too.

Thanks for the reminder!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose