Thursday, January 10, 2008

Planting on January 6!

On my way back from dropping Grace off at the airport, I stopped at Callaghan’s to roam the aisles and contemplate their wonderful agriculture and garden supplies. What is about a galvanized metal tub that is so appealing? Galvanized metal looks good new and shiny and even better when it’s old and patina-ed. I don’t need any more tubs, watering cans, or buckets, but I sure love to behold them and you can't beat Callaghan's vast selection. Actually I would like to get a stock tank and create a pond, but that's a little ambitious and I'd need a forklift or backhoe to deploy it in my yard, so scratch that dream. I will definitely be returning with my measurements though as Callaghan’s sells garden hose by the yard and all manner of couplings and end caps. I've got some serious hose issues that need attending to.

I did however buy poppy seeds and planted them Sunday, pessimistically assuming they’ll never come up. And amongst the pink roses, I planted a bunch of those pink and maroon cosmos with the lacy foliage. I have higher hopes for these--cosmos are pretty hard to screw up.

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Anonymous said...

The stock tanks I've bought are lighter than they look. You'd need a pickup to get the bigger ones home, but then you can roll them into place.