Saturday, August 11, 2007

Paint It Black

Have to get the house painted. The painters were supposed to start on Friday but in the time-relative cosmos of the building trades, Friday apparently is often confused with Monday (or possibly "next week sometime.")

The painter was recommended by a friend.
He does not live in his van, like a former painter I have employed.
He drives a brand-new pickup and is well-groomed.
And yet he has failed to show up at appointed time and date, or call to explain his absence. (I had to track him down via phone; I won't even bother to transcribe his lame excuse).

As a form of distraction from this outrage, let's obsess over trivial surface details. Here is the before all-white house and it's soon to be new color scheme.

Manila-folder walls, white trim, and black shutters. Next summer once the bananas are gently stirring against this backdrop and the bird of paradise are stretching their wings along the front path--my vision of subtropical shanty should be well along. It'll be sad to say goodbye to the dog-shit mustard trim currently gracing litle Aurora, but all things must evolve.

Notice the front path has turned in to brick. This is going to be a faux paint job that I saw done in a magazine and many posters at ivillage have thoughfully provided detailed how-tos and before/after photos. Mean Rachel in a careless moment has promised to assist with this. Can't you wait?

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