Sunday, July 1, 2012

Persian Shield

Just the name sounds exotic. I saw this purple show-off at Shoal Creek Nursery and thought hard about it. Then a day later I was in Boerne and saw it at the entrance to the Burlap Horse. The owner, Melissa Haberstroh told me it's very low maintenance, dies to ground in winter and comes back. It's almost irridescent. I tucked two into dead spots on either side of the front steps and they immediately began to work their charm. It's always great to find a shade lover that can bedazzle.

Plumbago and esperanza are doing great in the backyard, but the star performer is the yellow shrimp plant.It's profusely blooming which is more than I can say for the shrimp plant in front which only begins to bloom two seconds before the first frost. Beyond annoying. What is wrong with this plant?

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