Monday, February 9, 2009

Let Me Just Rain on Your Parade

Four Views of the Mopac Bridge in Winter


Okay, if, like me, you’ve been swooning over the recent pitty-pat of raindrops like a 14-year old with a crush, prepare to come down hard. There was less than a half an inch in my rain gauge--how about you?

Doesn’t matter, because it is in no way enough.
For Austin-Camp Mabry, rainfall of 16.07 inches was the 4th driest year on record dating back to 1856, and was the driest year since 1956. Rainfall was 17.58 inches below normal.
LCRA points out that the current drought began in September 2007 (coincidentally the month before I put in my front garden (cue tiny violins).

Now that I’ve discovered that LCRA’s chief meteorologist,Bob Rose has a blog I shall be haunting it daily hoping to read of some sign that La Nina has decided to pick up her tattered skirts and get the hell out of town.

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ConsciousGardener said...

I love your sense of humor...we gotta laugh to clear our dry throats! Maybe we should gather the Austin Garden Bloggers for a rain dance?

Your paintings look great!