Sunday, October 5, 2008

Color of the Day: Red

Bougainvillea Barbara Karst

Today robins arrived en masse. They act like a bunch of fat-cat conventioneers that all got off the tour bus at Aurora to chill at the lobby bar birdbath. It's fun to see them swaggering around in their red vests. They are remarkably tame and pay no attention to me while I'm puttering in their midst.

In the front yard, a red menace. I got caught by a stealth bomber, an unseen nest of fire ants. By the time I looked down to notice the first bite, my foot was covered with swarming ants. Anyone who lives in Fire Ant Country will know the horror. Even having a hose in hand was no help as they cannot be washed off; they cling like glue. My foot is covered in bites; my foot and leg on fire with pain and itching. Next will be the blistering and scarring. I forgot to include this misery in my previous post on garden hazards.

Daniel, who has been trimming my trees for 25 years, came by this week to clear out dead limbs from a red oak. Poor guy looked like he'd been in a bar fight; his eye was completely swollen shut and the size of a golf ball--he'd been stung by a bee while up in a tree, with a chainsaw in hand! Let's choices are: death by falling, electrocution, or stinging insect bombardment.

Pam's post at Digging about getting her agave out without bloodshed is all the more a miracle. Be careful out there gardeners!


Signe said...

This was a beautifull bouganvillea. I se you have it outdoor. Where I am living we usually grow them indoor. But next year I will try to have one outdoor.

Annie in Austin said...

Sorry you were attacked, Libby!
Bonnie recommended Windex for fire ant bites - but that might only help with a few bites instead of so many.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate fire ants! Try the homeopathic APIS under your tongue, sometimes it can help. And you must tell me how you manage to get your bougainvillea to bloom? I just can't make that happen in my yard. Do I need gobs of sun?

Anonymous said...

Egad! I hate those stealthy, vicious fire ants. Jeez, can you even wear a shoe right now?

Rock rose said...

That is a gorgeous bougainvillia.