Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cajun Shrimp

That's the name of this OPI nail color and nothing says “spring planting” like this color mixed with a little dirt and set off by oxalis. In the front bed, which is still pretty quiet, the gray germanders and sages yet to break out, I put blackfoot daisy and white nemesia fruticans, both perennials that should withstand the blast furnace placement next to the street. In memory of my mother who loved shrimp plants, I put two by the front door.
Because the deck rose garden was tailing out at both ends without any definition, I planted aspidistras to edge the plot and to create a pedestrian entrance into the side gravel yard. Along with another stand of aspidistras in the empty corner of the deck, the space already looks much better. The west end of the rosebed is still undefined; I want to curve the bed around the paving. This will have to wait until I figure out what to plant.

Looking towards gravel bed; what to plant to screen AC?
I also went crazy and bought a brugmansia. I’ve seen one growing in the ground on Scenic Drive. The tree is about the size of a typical mimosa. Having spent one winter here, admittedly a fairly mild one, I think parts of my yard might qualify as safe. I’m so close to my neighbors and have many closeted sheltered zones. For the time being it’s sitting in a pot looking exotic.

Looking to the back; big remodel going up behind


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a brugmansia in the ground here, but a sheltered microclimate might do the trick. Or maybe just keeping it in a pot would be safer? At any rate, they are beautiful, and I hope it does well for you.

Diana said...

Looks like you have big plans in your garden! Good luck with the brugmansia -- I've only had true Daturas in the ground and they love it here in the hot sun if you water them nicely. The photo with the Cajun Shrimp was a hoot. That is the sight you see in your garden on a hot day!

Annie in Austin said...

I like how you used the Aspidistra. My brugmansia's been in the ground for two winters, Kiwi - it's up against the south side of the house and I mulch the base, sometimes throwing an old towel around it. But it does die almost to the ground. This works okay for me, but might not fit in with your design. I have a feeling that my garden gets colder than yours!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PS Those spam comments on the previous post were happening to my blog, too, so I turned on the letter recognition a couple of weeks ago. It's annoying isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Love the garden and the nail polish! I might be able to break out the bottle for the trip to Austin but it will be way too cold here for a couple of months!

cotedetexas said...

I could never show my feet like that! My toes are too shy. Love the pictures and the plans. MInd if I asked what happened to your mother?

Thank you SO much for your so so so kind comment!!!!