Monday, February 11, 2008

¡Hola, jardineros!

Daughter Rachel and I returned from our week in Los Cabos and I think we both agree it has been a hard landing. After seven days of sun, the glittering Pacific, nonstop whale watching, and doting waitstaff (otro pina colada, senora?), we are both less than charmed to be returning to day labor.

I took a bazillion garden photos to inspire. Since Baja California is a desert, there is lots to take away from their plantings. I wish I knew what kind of baobab-like tree this was. There was no on-site landscape person to question.

I thought the raked sand was interesting. One could do this with crushed granite or gravel.

Rachel and I call this the EatPrayLove shot. Many women at this resort were reading the book. This was a sister hotel to the one we were visiting and it was billed as a holistic spa (if by holistic you mean over the top luxury in a minimalist contemporary sculptural architectural fabuloso kind of way).

The dark planting between the cactus is our good friend, purple fountain grass. And check out the artisan trimming of the agaves--this makes such a graphic statement (and somehow also evokes pineapples). Also possibly a safety precaution considering margarita-soused gringos stumbling about the paths?

A wall of alternating tiers of oleander and bougainvillea. ¡Que bonita! Okay, back to the real world: massive aphid infestation and 343 emails at work.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I really like the one of the cacti and purple fountain grass. I'd have thought the grass would need a lot more water than those cacti, but maybe they've set up irrigation that way.

The agaves that have been "limbed up?" No, I just don't agree with that look. It's kind of like butchering crepe myrtles, to my eyes. But I'm sure the tipsy tourists appreciate it.

God, I see Google has changed the comment form's identity options yet again. Are they not allowing me to link again??

Anonymous said...

Never mind--they do. Phew.

Anonymous said...

Great shots! So very different from what I can grow. Each region has its' own special charm doesn't it! Love your Eat, Pray, Love picture. Just finished that book. Lucky her!

Diana said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip with you! The gardens are spectacular. I am about to read "Eat,Pray, Love" and now I'm even more eager. It was loaned to me by a girlfriend. Maybe I need to go to Los Cabos to read it!!!