Monday, October 15, 2007

Invalid Gardening

The past 4 weeks have not been kind to my garden. Due to surgery, I spent the last weeks creeping around like a mutant zombie and was only able to water the pot plants before retreating back to my bottle of Vicodin. Meanwhile the chinch bugs crept relentlessly though the St Augustine in the front yard. Let them do their worst--I plan to rip up the grass in front anyway and plant a huge bed.

So I tried my best to keep my nursery plants okay because I need them for my front bed. I have baby soft-leaf yuccas, flame acanthus, oleander, hypericum, and numerous agaves, all propagated from either my former Vale Street garden or rustled here and there. When I was at Lake Austin Spa I dug up a baby plug of this really neat 6-ft tall bamboo-cornstalk thing. It's doing well.

It's been very frustrating to not be healthy during the best time of year for planting. But I went swimming at Deep Eddy on Friday, not a very long swim, but it was good to be back.

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Grace said...

Who gets tired of the words 'chinch bugs'?