Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Broken Back: Gardening is the Real Labor of Love

One of the things I find very annoying about garden blogs is that you never hear about the actual work.

“we put in the path”
“I moved the desert willow to a sunnier spot”

Okay: are people doing this themselves or hiring others to do it? I would appreciate full disclosure on this matter. So I will make it clear in my blog what I am doing and what I am paying to have done. I have never paid to have landscaping plans. I steal my ideas from looking at other gardens and things I like. I buy retail plants, propagate from my own plants, have been known to rustle now and then (for example snapping off a small prickly pear pad from an abandoned house or taking pods off a seed-setting vine).

Back at the R-wood house, I more than once had a ton of limestone dry stack delivered to my house and deployed the entire batch in low walls around beds. I’m not sure I could do that anymore (I’m 57).

I have had masons build me some walled beds and it was worth every penny.

So this morning when I went out to confront the two boxwoods that need to be removed, I was ready to dig them up myself. But after a few minutes of digging, I realized I would probably need to be hospitalized if I was in fact able to uproot them. So I called my tree guy, a nice man who has cleaned out the ballmoss and deadwood from my oaks and elms for the past 15 years. He is sending over a crew to dig up the boxwoods. Whew.

Tomorrow: Key West Phase commences.

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